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At Buzz’s Autobody, we know how frustrating it can be to see a new car sustain damage, especially to its original paint. Dents, scratches and other scrapes can easily tarnish a beautifully painted coat. That’s why our shop specializes in matching your original factory paint job. We promise to leave no hazy spots, runs, or build-up with our professional paint coat. We can match any hue, making sure your repair is invisible. We have the ability to make your vehicle shine just like new. Rely on us for complete scratch repair services here in Kamloops.

Appearance is one of the main components of your automobile as it increases the overall value of the car. Prevent your car from accumulating rust and remove the scratches by getting professional scratch repair services in

Utilizing proprietary compounds and solutions, we remove scratches in the most professional manner. We offer services in a very quick and efficient way. These repairs are permanent and blob-free, unlike the usual touch-up paint. We try to restore the look of the car to the original factory effect. All this will be done at a minimal cost and will not leave a big dent in your pocket. The work may take anywhere between 60 minutes to a day, depending on the extent of the damage.

If you do not maintain the car regularly, there are chances that the vehicle might see more scratches or dents if it is not looked after properly. Our quick and efficient service will ensure that any scratch is repaired for many years to come.


Benefits of Automobile Scratch Repair

Some of the benefits of automobile scratch repairs include:

1. Enhances the overall appearance - The overall appearance of the car increases when the
car is free from dents or scratches.

2. Value Retention – If the appearance of the car is well-maintained, it increases the value of the car.

3. Saves Time – The scratch repair is a much simpler process and does not take time much time.

Rely on our automobile scratch repair service in Kamloops for quick and efficient service.

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We also provide frame straightening services to your automobile to restore it to the original factory condition.

Contact us now if you need more details regarding the scratch repair service in Kamloops. We are open during weekdays between 8 am to 5 pm and closed during weekends.

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